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Porridge – A Simple and Delicious Way to Start Your Day

There’s nothing quite like a warm bowl of porridge to kickstart your day. It’s not only a quick and easy breakfast option, but it’s also nutritious and filling. Plus, with so many variations and toppings to choose from, you can never get bored with this classic dish.

To make the perfect bowl of porridge, you will need some simple ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry. Here’s a basic recipe to get you started:

-1 cup of rolled oats
-2 cups of water or milk (or a combination of both)
-1 pinch of salt
-1 tablespoon of honey or maple syrup (optional)

1. In a small pot, bring the water (or milk) to a boil with a pinch of salt.
2. Add the oats and lower the heat to medium-low. Stirring occasionally, cook the oats for around 5-7 minutes or until they’re cooked to your liking.
3. If you like your porridge on the sweeter side, you can add in some honey or maple syrup at this stage.
4. Serve hot and enjoy!

Now that you have the basic recipe down, let’s talk about some fun and tasty ways to jazz up your porridge!

First things first, toppings! You can add almost anything to your bowl of porridge, but here are some popular options:

-Fruit – fresh, frozen or dried
-Nuts and seeds – almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.
-Sweeteners – honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, etc.
-Jam or nut butter – a dollop of jam or a spoonful of peanut butter can add a lovely flavour
-Cinnamon and spices – add some warmth and flavour with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger or cardamom.

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If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can also try some savoury porridge options. Here are some ideas to get you started:

-Cheesy porridge – stir in some grated cheddar cheese and top with some spring onions or chives
-Savoury oats – cook the oats with some vegetable or chicken broth instead of water/milk and top with a fried egg, avocado and hot sauce.
-Miso porridge – whisk some miso paste into the cooking liquid and top with some sautéed mushrooms and seaweed.

No matter how you like your porridge, it’s a great option for a quick and healthy breakfast. Not to mention, it’s also very budget-friendly! So next time you’re looking for a delicious and satisfying breakfast option, give porridge a try!

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